How It Works

Science Behind The Light

The Lucia N°03 is a Hypnagogic Light Machine

Simply sit or lie back, close your eyes and let go into the light. When exposed to different frequencies of flickering and solid light, our brains send us on a meditative journey. It is often comprised of vibrant colors and patterns only our unique, individual consciousness can create. No two experiences are alike, just as no sessions will ever be the same. Because each journey is so indescribable, it is best to try it out for yourself.

Creators of the Lucia N°03 Dr. Winkler and Dr. Proeckl
Dr. Proeckl and Dr. Winkler showing one way to set up the light.

This unique meditative journey is also referred to as a hypnagogic state which, “is considered by many to be a ‘genius’ state, without any boundaries or any limitations. When we are hypnagogic, we have access to all our resources and none of our self imposed restrictions.” (Brian Weiss, M.D., Through Time into Healing, 1992)

In this hypnagogic state we are walking the line between wakefulness and sleep, consciousness and subconsciousness. In this state we allow ourselves to truly be comfortable with who we are without fear of judgement. We really feel what it is to be ourselves. As a result we feel freer and allow ourselves to be more creative and inventive. Without the harsh self criticism, just think what we can allow ourselves to create. We are present and relaxed. We are in our natural state of being.

Photic Driving

This Lucia Light Technology is unique and revolutionary. Forever fascinated by the unknown, Dr. Dirk Proeckl recorded and studied EEG scans of light users to observe the hypnagogic light’s effects. Below is a scan of a first time light traveler.

How the Lucia N°03 works: EEG of the Lucia N°03's effect on the brain Dr. Proeckl’s EEG of first time light experience

Dr. Proeckl found that the frequencies the hypnagogic light generates are recreated via brain waves after multiple sessions. This phenomenon is refereed to as photic driving. Photic driving is a form of non invasive brain entrainment. It affects the alpha and theta waves which are recognized in a deeply relaxed and meditative state. Because the Lucia N°03 retrains the light traveler’s brain, regular use of this technology helps individuals begin to access this calm state at all times.
With regular practice, the neural pathways are rewritten and this brain entrainment becomes more easily accessed. Photic driving appears on the scan below from a light traveler who has undergone regular light sessions. When exposed to 22hertz this is what Dr. Proeckl saw.

EEG of photic driving from Lucia N°03 user at 22hz (How Lucia N°03 works) Dr. Proeckl’s EEG of photic driving produced by the Lucia N°03


Dr. Proeckl also observed that when some individuals were exposed to one frequency of light, multiple frequencies of brainwaves appeared as a kind of response. Below is a different eeg scan taken from an individual who has experienced the Lucia N°03 numerous times. When exposed to the light frequency of 22hertz this phenomenon becomes clear.

EEG of harmonics with the Lucia N°03 (how Lucia N°03 works) Dr. Proeckl’s EEG showing harmonics at 22hz

Instead of the typical photic driving response we can see that prominent frequencies have appeared at harmonic intervals of 11hz, 22hz, and 33hz. We also see elevated theta and alpha waves, found during meditation and states of increased presence. Simultaneously there is a noticeable decrease in beta brainwaves; those that dominate the state of wakefulness.
This phenomenon becomes even more prominent with those who meditate regularly or use the Lucia more often. Such harmonics have also been demonstrated in eegs from monks when The Lucia N°03 Technology was taken to a monastery in Tibet.

Chachi under the Lucia N°03 (How Lucia N°03 works) A Lucia N°03 Light Traveler

This combination of solid and flickering light opens up new neural connections within the brain making way for new patterns of thought and understanding. Reaching the hypnagogic state reprograms the brain’s synaptic connections which can, over time, help us to change the way we react to stimuli in our everyday lives. The profound shifts in the way we relate to our environment can lead to a significant increase of our quality of life in all areas including relationships, creativity and clarity of mind.

Learn more about the Lucia N°03 Practitioner System and the Lucia Home Portal

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