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Experience the Lucia N°03 Light with Quantum Light Experience.

Book a Lucia Light Session

The combination of light body activation and the deep relaxation inspired by the frequency of The Lucia Light creates an effect that is both energizing and meditative. For some the experience will help them to relax and even sleep more deeply. For others it can be refreshing and invigorating. No two experiences are alike and can never be replicated.

One Lucia N°03 Light session has the potential to enhance the way you respond to stressful situations and other sensory input. However, the more you train your neural pathways, to reach this state of inner connectedness, the easier it is to revisit.

This is why we recommend a series of 5 to 6 Lucia N°03 Light journeys in order to have long lasting benefits in your day to day experience. Book a session by filling out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

What a session looks like

After you fill out the form below, we will contact you as soon as we can. Then we can set up a day for a session that works best for you. Typically we offer sessions in your home or at your healing center so that you are comfortable. We suggest a session of an hour total, which includes the demos and an extended Lucia Light session. 


When we come to you, we will need a space to set up the light. Ideally it will be a space that you can lay down and somewhere that is secluded from outside noise or foot traffic.


After we set up, you will lie down and get comfortable. We often offer live sound that we create with a hang drum, gong, singing bowls, rattles, etc. or headphones with prerecorded songs and soothing sounds. You can also provide your own music if you feel called. It is best to chose music without words so that you can really sink into the experience.


Once the music is selected we begin with the 2 minute easy demo to gauge your light sensitivity. If you feel called we also offer stronger settings as a demo to find the optimal setting for your journey. After the light intensity is determined, the longer part of the session begins. This is a time for you to journey inward or outward. There is no way to know where the light will take you.

Book a Lucia Light Session

Both Zachary and Angela can be present during your experience to hold space and keep you safe. We are both Reiki attuned and offer it alongside of a light session.


Because the Lucia Light Experience can be vastly different from other experiences you may have had, we remain present after the session for you to process. We can do this in a number of ways. The most common is for us to simply listen to your experience. The beauty of the light experience is that you are doing your own inner work without the input of anyone but your own inner guide. Multiple light sessions can help you to integrate your journey into your daily life and discover a sense of ease that transcends the light experience itself. The Lucia N°03 can bring up different feelings to be processed for each traveler and we can be there to aid you in the way that is most comforting for you.

We would be happy to share this Lucia Light experience with you. Quantum Light Experience is based in the Bay Area, but we do travel. If you are located outside of California, we would be happy to come to you. In that case please consider hosting a light party to share this amazing experience with others in your area. You can also see if there is a light located near you here. Our goal is to spread the Lucia Light Experience as far as we can in the name of providing an elevated quality of life to all who will benefit from it.

Book a lucia light session

What sessions we offer

Reiki energy work at individual’s request

Single 1 hour session with one person

Multiple 1 hour sessions with one person

Light party with five people minimum and 1 hour individual sessions, free session for host

We can include live sound (gong, singing bowls, and other instruments from around the world) to accompany the journey for an additional fee.

Group session with at most four individuals under the light at a time for 1 hour

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