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The Lucia N°03 Light System and Experience

The Lucia N°03 Light experience uses varying frequencies of flickering light, coupled with a full spectrum glow to transport users into an immersive landscape of color and geometric imagery. Light gently flickers on closed eyelids guiding users into a deeply relaxing space within. We all come with our own life experiences and current states of mind. The Lucia Light creates a safe place to get to know yourself again, free from judgement or expectation. Regardless of what you see or experience, each light session has the potential to increase mental flexibility and adaptability. This can help you navigate life experiences with a more relaxed and joyful approach.

Each experience is just as unique as the individual who tries the light. So experiences vary based on the individual’s current state of mind and body. Most report leaving their session feeling refreshed after finding the ability to let go of that which is no longer serving them.

How The Lucia N°03 Light Can Help

The use of flickering light, gently entrains the brain into a deeply meditative state, while encouraging harmonic brainwave patterns. When these deep trance states are accessed, the light traveler regains inner peace and a more expansive perspective. From this newfound perspective the light traveler can re-evaluate current life situations and inner dynamics. In this space of clarity, reprogramming both the sub-conscious awareness is possible. You can do so with increased ease, making for a profound and even life altering experience.

As the light waves enter the eye’s retina they spread throughout the system illuminating the entire living matrix of the body. This photic stimulation inspires communication between the cells and a chain reaction of information exchange lights up the entire network. This activation of the system allows for the clearing of stagnant energy buildup that can take the form of repressed emotion, feelings of depression or anxiety, and trauma.

Neuron and The Lucia N°03 Light Experience
The Lucia N°03 Light Experience is a form of brain entrainment that can help form new neural connections after regular use to make way for a regular state of calm and meditation.

Click the link for more information regarding purchasing a Lucia N°03 Light or Lucia Home Portal. In addition we offer individual and group sessions for those wanting to try the light. We can be available all across the United States with enough notice.

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