International Lucia Light Tour Recap

Home may be where the heart is, but how many homes can one person have?

We absolutely love California and being home with our beloved cat, Toby, but traveling is truly one of our great joys in life. Traveling is such a gift and we feel so fortunate to have been in seven different countries this past year being of service and doing what we love. We cannot wait to set out on our next adventure. We love seeing new places, meeting new people, eating new food, and going outside of our comfort zone to learn and grow as part of working with the Lucia Light.

This most recent adventure included the beautiful, volcanic island of Iceland, the vibrant and sweet country of Belgium, and the charming and colorful Netherlands. Our mission was to co-create an event with The Lucia Light with our soon to be friend Allan in Antwerp Belgium. An extended layover in Iceland would provide us time to explore and demo the light to owners at Hydra Float Spa as well. And what an adventure it was!


Neither Zachary nor I had ever been to Iceland so we jumped at the chance to have two long layovers there. After a very long journey to get to the airport and an even longer flight, we landed in Keflavik. Going on no sleep, no food, and pure excitement we rented a car to drive the Golden Circle of natural wonders that Iceland has to offer. To say it was beautiful would be an understatement. Iceland is simply otherworldly. Driving around we felt like we were exploring a different planet filled with vibrant green mosses, smoking volcanic mountains, and beautiful blue waters.

We were in awe despite our sleep deprivation. It kept us motivated to keep on going, until we could not keep our eyes open any longer and had to pull over for a nap. After a brief nap and some snacks we continued on our way. If you ever get the opportunity to see Iceland, even for 24 hours, take it. To try to describe it would do it no justice. It is so unique and magical. Magical is really the only way to describe what we saw.

That night we camped out and headed to the airport bright and early the next day. We just got a tiny taste and had to move on to our next destination.


To sum up our time in Antwerp, the operative word would have to be SWEET. The food was unbelievable and we definitely indulged in pastries and chocolate. But when in Belgium, right? How could we say no when we spent such a limited amount of time there? We took on the challenge to eat all the pastries and I have to say mission accomplished. We ended every night with saying, “no more sugar” and started every morning with a nice stroll to the pastry shop. Looking through the glass enclosures with wide eyes and watering mouths, every morning was a sweet adventure. Not only were we feeding our sweet tooth, but our amazing host, Allan, also contributed. He brought boxes of the little sticky treats every time we saw him. We could not be more grateful for how seriously he took our mission to eat our way through Belgium.

Little did we know that in Antwerp they have the best falafel in the world, complete with awards and hand written cards to verify. How lucky were we to taste the amazing flavors of the best falafel in the whole world? Needless to say it was delicious and we ate there more than once. Unfortunately we did only have one Belgian waffle while we were there, but of course, it was delicious. And the owner of the waffle place was so kind and lots of fun to talk to. And the chocolate, the chocolate is indescribable. So rich, delicious, and flavorful, that it left us asking, how do they do it?


Not only were we excited to see a new place and try all the food that they had to offer, but we were there to open a light portal for the good of all who would benefit from it. We had traveled a very long way to reach Belgium and were curious to see how the experiences with the light would go.

The Lucia Light was met with curiosity, uncertainty, and a sense of wonder. The sessions were magical and each one so unique. There is always a range in experiences from deep relaxation to deeply profound journeys. After 2 days of sessions we finished feeling gratified by the feelings of healing that were expressed by all light travelers.

We met so many wonderful people in Belgium and they were all so warm and welcoming. Allan has such a wonderful community and we felt blessed to be welcomed in. It is truly a gift to be able to work with this beautiful light technology and a blessing to see each person come out on the other side having learned something new about themselves. It really is a reminder that our inner light shines and in doing so connects us all where ever we go.

Our newfound friend Allan embarks one of his first journeys with The Lucia Light.

Thank You Belgium!

It was inspiring to see that so far away from home, people are just as moved and open to the Lucia Light. Traveling is a good reminder that no matter where you are in the world, people are people. And the people of Antwerp are just as sweet as their confections. To end this post we just want to say, thank you so much to Allan and Josephine for opening your home and community to us. You were such amazing hosts and set such a high standard that we only hope we can meet it when you come visit us in California!

We will always remember out time in Antwerp fondly and hope to return someday soon!

Our Journey with the Lucia Light

Open a Lucia Light Portal

A question that comes up most often is, “How did you get involved with the Lucia Light?” Here are both Angela and Zachary‘s journey to the light. Or more correctly, here is how the light found us.


From the time I was a child I have always been interested in altered states and the exploration of consciousness via dreams and creating artwork. These subjects fascinated me and I spent a lot of time reflecting on magical journeys within while drawing in my sketchbook. As I grew older I began to explore various forms of meditation, yoga and also got a degree in graphic design. These practices augmented my creative practice and my artwork took on a visionary feeling that reflected my curiosity for healing and consciousness exploration. I began painting with acrylics more and showing my artwork at various events. It became a regular practice for me to paint at concerts and various festivals.

First Light Experience

It was in June of 2015 at one of these events at a local art gallery that the light found me in. I had seen the mention of The Lucia N°03 Light on the event flyer but had no clue what it was at that time. After an incredible night of painting with friends and dancing to live music I was told that I absolutely had to try the the light machine. I have always been an adventurous soul and was curious just what people were talking about. I decided that I had to experience it for myself and see what all this hype was about.

The Lucia Light was set up in a small curtained off area in the back of the space. I entered and was immediately greeted by pulsing frequencies of white light. I saw a couple lying under a strobing lamp overseen by a woman who I later learned was named Mary-Katherine. She gestured for me to sit down and said it would be my turn in a moment if I felt called. I became even more curious as to just what was going on and sat in awe appreciating the lovely peaceful energy that enveloped the small space.

The Couple seemed blown away by their experience and expressed their deep gratitude to Mary-Katherine who then instructed me to lay down with my eyes closed under the lamp. I took a few deep breaths and was greeted by a warm glow that brought an instant sense of ease to my entire being. As the session progressed I journeyed through cosmic wormholes and danced with fractals. I felt a heightened sense of inner peace and a sort of activation taking place deep within. When the session came to a close I took a moment to process and noticed that I felt refreshed and incredibly inspired to keep painting. It was though a switch had been flipped and I felt ready to give my all to creating the life I wanted to live.

Opening a Light Portal

I left that night with a distinctly auspicious feeling. It wasn’t long before I started working with the light by contributing my skills as a graphic designer. I soon began traveling with The Traveling Light Machine Project and holding space for light sessions across the globe. Along the way I began doing Reiki Energy Healing and offering live sound with various instruments around the world in combination with the light. Over time I became a co-owner of Traveling Light. In the summer of 2018 I started my own company Quantum Light Experience in order to effectively offer the light in the style that I cultivated during my journeys.

The transformation that I have witnessed both in myself and all those who I have had the great pleasure of working with along the way is ineffable. I feel so blessed to be working with such a profound healing technology. The Lucia Light has been an incredible journey that has changed my life in many ways.

In 2017 it led me to meet my partner Angela. Together we have created beautiful things and Quantum Light Experience LLC is our offering to the world in gratitude for this healing and sometimes wild adventure that is life. Together we invite you to embark on a journey of healing with help from sound, light and our intrinsically human curiosity.


The Lucia N°03 Light found me at a very transitional time in my life. I had moved back to my hometown after being away for many years. I had ended a long and unhealthy relationship and was trying to heal and find some direction for my life. Working with herbs has always been a passion of mine and I knew that I wanted to be on a path to help others. I have a degree in social work, but wanted to explore other ways to be of service to people. Herbs seemed to be a good path, except there was something missing.

One day I found myself alone, but wanting to do something. I saw that not far from where I lived there was a Healing Arts Festival happening. Deciding that it sounded pretty interesting and within walking distance, I headed out not knowing what I would find. I felt drawn to go and see what it was all about. If nothing else at least I would get outside and go for a nice walk. When I walked into the event one of the first booths I saw was the Lucia N°03 Light booth. Not knowing anything about it, but feeling very curious I asked about it. I was offered a demo session once those who were under the light were done.

First Light Experience

After a walk around I returned to the booth where I was given a session by none other than Zachary. That session changed everything. It was the most amazing thing I had experienced in a very long time. I processed for a while with Zachary. We spoke about the Lucia Light, my experience, how I was feeling, and of course I asked a million questions. I felt like I had known him forever and it felt so comfortable to be in that space. However, I couldn’t stay there forever and had to say goodbye after leaving my contact information.

On my way home I practically floated. I had to tell everyone that I knew all about the Lucia Light! I called my brother first, knowing that he would love the experience as well. Trying to explain the light was a bit difficult as I wasn’t completely sure what I had just experienced. Then I told everyone else. I was so in awe of it all. I believed that everyone in my life should have the opportunity to explore the light for themselves. The effects lasted for days afterwards and could not get the experience out of my mind. I felt uplifted and blissful. I felt happy and fulfilled. And I felt so good and like I hadn’t felt for a few years previously. Something in me felt awake and alive.

Opening a Light Portal

A few months later I moved to a different city. I was still enthralled with the light and so grateful that I got to have such a beautiful experience at just the right time in my life. After starting a job and settling into life in a big city I happened to see that Zachary was looking for a partner to travel with the light. It seemed like perfect timing yet again. We happened to both be in the same area and met up. It was an instant connection and we have been together ever since.

The Lucia N°03 Light has really been a blessing in so many ways. It has helped me enormously with my own struggles with anxiety. The Lucia Light combined with herbs has been such a blessing and has helped me so much so far. Sharing the Lucia Light with others has also been so inspiring. I know just how much the light has helped me and the potential is just so vast. Hearing about other people’s journeys with the light feeds my soul. I could not wish for a better life path with a more amazing person. Let us share the light with you!


Quantum Light Experience Lucia N°03 Distributors

We have now created our own business working with the Lucia N°03 Light. This amazing technology has had such an enormous impact on both of our lives. We feel blessed being able to work with and share the Lucia Light with others. Together we create a safe space for those who feel called to the light or who want to open a Lucia Light Portal of their own.

Our Lucia Light Tour schedule has been posted and will be updated as we go. If you are interested in experiencing the indescribable, please contact us so we can find our way to you.

The Lucia N°03 Home Portal is Finally Here!

Lucia Home Portal

Quantum Light Experience is so excited to announce that the Lucia Home Portal is finally available to everyone! It has been over a year in the making and that means over a year of not being able to share it with anyone. We were practically bursting at the seems not being able to share our excitement with the world! Now we can finally tell you all about it.

Innsbruck Train Station, Lucia Home Portal Headquarters
Innsbruck, AU train station, where the journey began.

Tyrol, Austria

Both of us at Quantum Light Experience were super fortunate to go to Austria in April. There we saw the prototype for the new light and explored the origins of the Lucia N°03. There we met up and stayed with Sigrid the CEO of Light Attendance in Innsbruck, Austria. She was so hospitable and very helpful throughout our time with her. Getting a peak at the Austrian Lucia company through her eyes was very enlightening. Together we had meetings and casual conversations. We cooked and ate together. We were even lucky enough to meet her very talented daughter Ruth who takes many of the beautiful pictures of the Lucia Lights.

The Austrian Team

Sigrid took us to the main office where we met Martin, who does public relations for the Lucia N°03 and had just gotten back from bringing the first Lucia N°03 to Japan. He was very excited about his travels and shared tales of unusual cafes and beautiful scenery.

We also spent some time with Englebert Winkler, while he was between travels. He was on his was to Geneva for a workshop with the Lucia, but stopped in for a short chat about the amazing work that he is doing. Dirk Proeckl on the other hand, we spent even more time with. We went to Dirk’s private practice and got a peek at what he is doing with the Lucia N°03. He was such an inspiration to talk to and we learned so much about the origins of the Lucia and how its potential is constantly expanding. Not only did we see his medical office, but we also stayed with him. He showed us the beautiful surroundings of Kufstein, Austria through gorgeous hikes. He even found some vegetarian restaurants for us to eat at, a rarity in Austria.

While there, we even lucked out and got to meet with Jury Loecker, the brilliant engineer of the Lucia N°03 and the Lucia Home Portal. Although he is very camera shy he let us interview him on film talking about his newest invention, the Lucia Home Portal. You can check out one of those videos here. We think he did a wonderful job, what do you think?

While in Austria we felt so welcomed and blessed. The Austrian team are so kind and endlessly interesting. To find out more about what the Austrian team is doing with the light technology check out their website.

Lucia Home Portal, Kufstein
Kufstein, Austria


While we were in Austria we made sure to appreciate every bit of it. The two of us went on some amazing hikes and were so in awe of the Alps that surrounded us. We ate the local pretzel bread and plenty of cheese. We sampled the “regular” sized beers, too much delicious coffee, and ate so much that we came back to the states still full from the amazing Austrian food. One evening after exploring all day we got caught in the rain and had to find our way home. Of course we took countless train rides, which is a very convenient mode of transportation in Europe. And could not get enough of the mountains and rivers and cannot wait to go back some day.

Lucia Home Portal

Anyway, back to the mini light, now known as the Lucia Home Portal. It didn’t even have a name yet! When we got to Austria there was still plenty of work to be done and we were so lucky to be able to take some pictures and videos (all top secret) of the new devise. We’ve been holding on to these for months and now is the time to share! You can see some clips of those videos on our Instagram and Facebook.

Lucia Home Portal Headquarters
The Official Lucia N°03 Headquarters in Innsbruck Austria

We did get some sneak peeks and of course we had to try it! We were able to get in some short sessions in kind of the perfect place. The main office in Innsbruck also has an art gallery attached where they show local art and promote local artists. It’s a beautiful space and we had just a few minutes to experience the Lucia Home Portal so we did! This little mini may be small, but it is powerful. The experience was very similar to the big Lucia N°03 except for the user is in control. The Lucia Home Portal is compact and everything is included in the light itself. It all felt very personal and very special.

We cannot wait for more people to try this amazing piece of technology!

Quantum Light Experience Logo

Quantum Light Logo

We are happy to finally share the official Quantum Light Experience Logo. Lots of time, energy, and thought went into it. We feel that now it is just right and contains everything we had imagined.

Sacred Geometry

We wanted to include some sacred geometry as a base structure. This signifies that all existence can be explained through the universal language of mathematics. After all, this is the same language that we use to describe the frequencies of light generated by The Lucia N°03. The sacred geometry base that we chose to best sum up our company’s vision is Metatron’s Cube.

Quantum Light Experience Logo Beginning, Lucia Light and Reiki
This is the very basis of the Quantum Light Experience LLC’s logo. Metatron’s Cube seemed the best place to begin.
Quantum Light Experience Logo Lotus, Lucia Light and Reiki
At this stage of the Quantum Light Experience’s Logo the lotus blossoms were incorporated to symbolize the sun, the original light.

Lotus Petals

The next element of the logo is lotus petals surrounding the geometric form. The lotus flower represents the sun in Egyptology. It is also associated with creation, spiritual awakening and enlightenment in many ancient philosophies. Yet another thing these petals represent is the waves of vibrational energy radiating out into the collective field whenever one undergoes a Lucia Light Session.

Quantum Light Experience Logo Neurons, Lucia Light and Reiki
The neurons/experiencer’s bodies were added to the Quantum Light Experience Logo. Aren’t we all just fractals made of fractals?

Neural Connection

The initial intention was to show not only people undergoing the light as a shared experience, but also the neural networks that are being activated and rewritten during a Lucia Light session. Frequencies of flickering light created by the Lucia N°03 gently entrain the users’ brainwaves into deeply meditative states. After prolonged use of The Lucia Light Technology new neural pathways are formed that lead to this feeling of deep inner peace. When this hypnagogic state is reinforced it can be accessed by light travelers in everyday life. Learn more

Quantum Light Experience Logo Heads, Lucia Light and Reiki
This was near the final stage of the Quantum Light Experience’s logo. Always edit and simplify.

Group Experience

The group Lucia Light experience is shown by a group of small beings holding hands in the center of the logo. This form just so happens to resemble a neuron reaching out to it’s communal network and all of creation. What’s more, we’ve noticed that when a group of people lay in a circle holding hands during a group Lucia Light Experience they resemble a network of neurons both sharing in an experience and having a very separate experience at the same time.

Final Logo

Saying all this in a simple and impactful image was far from easy, but we are finally pleased. Here is the final edited version. Everything we want to say and share with the world!

Quantum Light Experience LLC Logo, Lucia Light and Reiki

This Journey Begins

Lucia Light Journey

After many months of hard work and jumping through plenty of bureaucratic hoops, we are happy to announce the creation of Quantum Light Experience LLC. Although it was challenging, the benefits of the Lucia N°03 far outweigh the challenges that we faced. We are officially one of two US distributors for the Lucia N°03 Light Technology and are so excited to begin anew.

The Journey

This journey so far has been filled with trials, but our passion for the Lucia N°03 has gotten us through, not to mention the many light sessions we did to recenter and refocus. It never ceases to amaze me just how much a thirty minute light session can revitalize me. No matter how stress or overwhelmed I felt going in, I always came out feeling weightless and recharged. Sometimes it take a bit to ground again, depending on how deep I went. Each session is different in length, intensity, and of course visually. At times the Lucia N°03 brought stuff up for me to look at and let go. Other times it was just a lovely break from an at times stressful situation. The effects and benefits of the Lucia N°03 are innumerable.

So through it all we did not lose sight of why we are doing the work. We both feel that we were called to work with the Lucia N°03 and we have both witnessed first hand just how impactful it is. We really believe in the healing power of the Lucia N°03. It has been such a blessing in our lives and we are so excited to share it with as many people as possible.

Although we live in the Bay Area we love to travel and spread the light. So far we have followed the light to the most amazing places and have meet the most inspiring people. No matter what draws you to the light is the right thing. The light always presents itself where and when it is needed.

Therefore, if you find that you are called to the light please reach out. We will work on finding a way to get the light to you. This is a powerful tool for inner journeying and developing a deeper relationship with yourself and those in your life.

Redwoods and Lucia Light Benefits
The benefits of the Lucia Light can be as relaxing as stepping into a Redwood forest.

Just some of the benefits of the Lucia N°03

  • Relaxation
  • Deeper connection to others
  • More vivid dreams
  • Feelings of bliss
  • Inspiration
  • Pineal Gland activation
  • Spiritual experience

Even if those benefits can be experienced, each light session is completely different and honestly, it’s better to go in with no expectations. Whatever you see or don’t see is deeply personal and may take some time to set in.

That being said, if the Lucia N°03 appeals to you please reach out. We would be happy to answer any questions and find a way for you to try the light. Blessings on your journey!

Mushrooms in the redwoods and Lucia Light Benefits
Mycelium is the neural network that benefits the Redwood forest, help your neural network with the benefits of the Lucia N°03.