Charna Cassell – Illuminated SF

“I have had my private practice for 17 years and started using the light in it and as a separate business 2 years ago.

I have 2 offices and it lives in my SF office usually, though sometimes I bring it to my home for personal use or to special events as well. I keep an additional stand for the light at my home. I use the light in my private practice on the days I am in my Sf office and have employees run the light for the general population on days I am at my Berkeley office.

Regarding results with clients, I believe it has actually saved a few actively suicidal clients lives. When certain clients are exhausted and nonverbal or super disregulated and anxious they request the light or I may suggest it. It resets their nervous system. It helps some clients who can’t meditate on their own go into a meditative state or clients who do meditate go deeper. By increasing theta it can help repressed trauma come into consciousness to be integrated without emotional charge.  Brain mapping I’ve done with clients and myself (before during and after) showed it balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain, suggesting a coherent and peaceful brain state.

I’ve benefited from it personally. It’s comical how much it can enhance your intuition over repeated use. I was already very intuitive, but when I started using the light the synchronicities and sense of what was happening with clients or knowing the right ways of supporting them increased even more.”

Web: http://www.illuminatedsf.com
Email: info@illuminatedsf.com
Phone: (415) 999-2422
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