National Lucia Light Tour Recap

Home Sweet Home…For a Bit

We have returned home after our first national Lucia N°03 Light Tour. After many hours planning, driving, and sharing the light, we have a short respite back in California. Now is the time to enjoy cuddles with our lovely furry friend Toby, catch up on sleep, spend time with friends and family, and make some last minute arrangements for our international light tour. In the mean time, we thought that it would be fun to reminisce and share the highlights from our most recent adventures.

Life on the road is such a balance of exciting and new mixed with lots of time spent in the car. Fortunately we travel with lots of good music, yummy snacks, and a penchant for adventure. We got to see changing landscapes and lots of gas stations. From forests in California, to the desert in Nevada, to rockhounding in Idaho, (a brief snow storm in Wyoming), to mountainous Montana, and at last the beautiful buttes of North Dakota, we saw it all.

First Stop: Reno

To kick off our adventure we stopped pretty close to home. There we opened a frequency portal with a sound healing at The Studio. This was a wonderful way to begin our adventure. The healing vibrations from the gong and handpan set the tone for the rest of our journey.

The Studio Reno is a sanctuary among the bright lights and vast casinos of the city. It is a soothing place where people can gather for yoga classes, hang out in the relaxing shared space, enjoy the evening tea lounges, and on the off chance, experience the Lucia Light. The space felt like a great fit for light healing. The community who gather at The Studio are cultivating a fun, healthy way to spend time in “The Biggest Little City in the World”.

After our first evening in Reno, The Studio hosted the Lucia N°03 Light. We were not quite sure how the day was going to proceed as we set up in one of the massage rooms. The individuals that we met on that second day of our tour sparked a hopeful outlook for the remainder of our travels. They were open and receptive to a new experience and had some very transformational experiences. They were so articulate and really let go into the light. Everyone really enjoyed their totally unique journeys and the feedback that we got was nothing short of inspiring.

Pinnacle Wellness

We spent our third day in Reno at Pinnacle Wellness Spa. There are not enough good things to say about Pinnacle and the owner Kerri. It was a full day of wonderful people and heartwarming experiences. One of the greatest parts of working with the Lucia N°03 Light is processing with individuals after their light session. There is such a range of experiences and it is always so rewarding hearing about how one session can really affect a person. Especially when a person comes in a bit skeptical or not knowing quite what they are getting into, when they have a good session their whole demeanor changes. Often with individuals who go into the light, at the end of a session it feels like a shield lifts and behind is an amazing, pure being.

It was so lovely how open those that tried the light at Pinnacle were. They were expressive and appreciative of what they saw and felt.

Idaho and Montana

We of course had to stop in Idaho to look for cool rocks on our way to Bozeman. With promises of geodes right off the road, we took a break that turned out to be longer than we had anticipated. Every step resulted in a, “look at this rock” or “ooh come look over here”. When we could finally tear ourselves away, we continued on our road trip.

We were well on our way to Montana. We drove for the whole day and as we were closing in on our next stop we had to drive through a corner of Wyoming. There we encountered white out conditions while driving at night. Fortunately we did make it that night to Bozeman. There we had a brief rest and spent some quality time with family in a beautiful location. When we arrived, we shared the light and got some time to make some sessions of our own. We got to go on a hike through the snow covered mountains. We made snowballs and admired icicles. Then we prepared for the next part of our journey to North Dakota.

North Dakota

Neither Zachary, nor I had ever been to North Dakota. We had no expectations except to see a new place and to meet some new people. When we arrived we met our hosts at Balanced Energy Healing. We set up the light and our sound healing instruments and shared a light and sound journey with our hosts. It is always a fun time when we get to play with the gong, handpan, and our other instruments. When paired with the Lucia Light, live sound can really elevate everyone involved.

The next couple days of sessions went well and we were happy to find people in North Dakota were interested and open to the new experience. We got positive feedback and quite a few people expressed an interest in trying the light again.

On to the Next One

Why The Lucia N°03?

Lucia N°03 Light

Ethical Manufacturing

The Lucia Light is constructed using the highest quality materials sourced locally from the Tyrolean Alps in Austria. These days it can feel challenging to find products that are not made cheaply, that will fall apart within a short amount of time. Because of this throw away society, everything becomes obsolete as soon as it is for sale. This means that workers are often under paid and mistreated in order for products to come out quickly. It doesn’t feel good buying products that you know have been made in sweatshops, but the alternatives are often much more difficult to find. We feel that the impact this makes of society and the world is very harmful.

Conversely, the Lucia N°03 Lamp is manufactured by well paid employees who get health insurance and retirement options. They are treated well and each phase of the construction of every lamp is comprised of small, tight knit businesses who value their work. The Lucia community in Austria is fully in integrity and they take great pride in delivering a state of the are technology and consciousness expanding tool.

Each lamp is individually hand assembled and cared for. The stands of the Practitioner Level System are made of hand brushed, medical grade steel. All the work is done locally in safe and cleanly work environments. We believe this is reflected in the quality and depth of the experience available to the user every time they travel within using The Lucia. These hypnagogic light systems are designed to last a lifetime and retain the energetic imprint of mindfulness and integrity.

Unique Creators

The Lucia N°03 lamp was devised by two brilliant doctors in Austria. Both are very invested in continuing to expand on how the Lucia Light machine can help people. Dirk, neurologist and psychiatrist, has been using the technology with patients who have a variety of health concerns. He has even hooked up the light to a breathing belt that allows individuals to control the light using only their breath. This allows people visual feedback for how to control breathing and psychosomatic responses in their everyday lives. He is able to monitor breathing, heart rate, and brainwave responses to the light to continually learn more about its affects and potential uses.

Engelbert, psychologist, continues to explore the implications of the Lucia Light on patients in a different capacity. He is studying how the Lucia can help in a different environment with other methods of therapy. He is exploring what the light machine does on a subjective level and trying to see it through the mind’s eye of patients.

The Lucia N°03 is also the only light machine with a patent. Incorporating the halogen bulb makes a huge difference in light travelers’ experiences. Many have commented on the comfort from the warm glow and an easier time letting go into the light. This light technology is also the winner of multiple international awards and the subject of multiple studies.

Our Goal

This is such a unique device and we are so blessed to be able to share it with others. We believe that the energy that goes into the creation of this consciousness development technology is very important from start to finish. In a western society our energetic imprint is comprised mainly of the decisions we make financially. This includes the companies and suppliers we choose to support. When we purchase products that harm the earth and the our fellow humans we are supporting a cycle of suffering and inequality. When we choose to invest in products that refrain from such detrimental practices we are energetically supporting positive creation. Our every action and every purchase, for that matter, causes a ripple that affects others as well as the beautiful planet that we call home.

We are working to create a worldwide community of individuals who are interested in helping themselves and others in reaching their highest potential. The more people who are able to let go of stress, feel good in their own skin, let go of what no longer serves, and be fully present with themselves and others, the more likely it will be to reach this potential globally with the help of the Lucia Lamp. We understand that not everyone can justify the cost of The Lucia Light, so we are eager to share the experience with all who feel called. We would love to share the light at any events or gatherings that draw individuals who would resonate with it in the name of making this profound healing experience available to all who will benefit from it.

This Journey Begins

Lucia Light Journey

After many months of hard work and jumping through plenty of bureaucratic hoops, we are happy to announce the creation of Quantum Light Experience LLC. Although it was challenging, the benefits of the Lucia N°03 far outweigh the challenges that we faced. We are officially one of two US distributors for the Lucia N°03 Light Technology and are so excited to begin anew.

The Journey

This journey so far has been filled with trials, but our passion for the Lucia N°03 has gotten us through, not to mention the many light sessions we did to recenter and refocus. It never ceases to amaze me just how much a thirty minute light session can revitalize me. No matter how stress or overwhelmed I felt going in, I always came out feeling weightless and recharged. Sometimes it take a bit to ground again, depending on how deep I went. Each session is different in length, intensity, and of course visually. At times the Lucia N°03 brought stuff up for me to look at and let go. Other times it was just a lovely break from an at times stressful situation. The effects and benefits of the Lucia N°03 are innumerable.

So through it all we did not lose sight of why we are doing the work. We both feel that we were called to work with the Lucia N°03 and we have both witnessed first hand just how impactful it is. We really believe in the healing power of the Lucia N°03. It has been such a blessing in our lives and we are so excited to share it with as many people as possible.

Although we live in the Bay Area we love to travel and spread the light. So far we have followed the light to the most amazing places and have meet the most inspiring people. No matter what draws you to the light is the right thing. The light always presents itself where and when it is needed.

Therefore, if you find that you are called to the light please reach out. We will work on finding a way to get the light to you. This is a powerful tool for inner journeying and developing a deeper relationship with yourself and those in your life.

Redwoods and Lucia Light Benefits
The benefits of the Lucia Light can be as relaxing as stepping into a Redwood forest.

Just some of the benefits of the Lucia N°03

  • Relaxation
  • Deeper connection to others
  • More vivid dreams
  • Feelings of bliss
  • Inspiration
  • Pineal Gland activation
  • Spiritual experience

Even if those benefits can be experienced, each light session is completely different and honestly, it’s better to go in with no expectations. Whatever you see or don’t see is deeply personal and may take some time to set in.

That being said, if the Lucia N°03 appeals to you please reach out. We would be happy to answer any questions and find a way for you to try the light. Blessings on your journey!

Mushrooms in the redwoods and Lucia Light Benefits
Mycelium is the neural network that benefits the Redwood forest, help your neural network with the benefits of the Lucia N°03.