Lucia N°03 Light, Quantum Light Experience

Mission Statement

Business Name

We decided to name this business Quantum Light Experience LLC for many reasons. To begin, we would love to share a bit more about the name. A photon is a single quantum of light so it can be referred to as a “light quantum” or a light particle. If a quantum photon is the elementary particle of light then there are trillions of quanta moving around us and even through us at all times. Part of the fundamental framework for understanding and describing nature is quantization of energy and its influence on how energy and matter interact. So we could say that everything is connected on a quantum level. The Lucia N°03 uses a range of these quanta to activate our light bodies. This allows us to get in touch with our true nature. Even a discreet amount of light shows us that we are connected with all of creation.

Photon Lucia N°03 (Quantum Light Experience LLC Intention)


Our intention, at Quantum Light Experience LLC, is to spread this potent light technology to all who will benefit from it. In order to assist in the collective healing and awakening of consciousness, we believe that The Lucia N°03 light will be a major help.

We are currently undergoing a phase of expansion and are in the process of creating a global community of Lucia Light Ambassadors. These will be souls who resonate deeply with the light experience and wish to share it with their communities. Not just distributors of The Lucia N°03 Technology, but souls who wish to contribute positive energy to the evolution of human kind.

Whether for personal or practitioner level use, the Lucia N°03 has contributed to the wellbeing of many individuals across the globe. With more light portals and more access to the Lucia Light, we can only imagine the worldwide benefits.

The more individuals who are able to enter a state of conscious calm, the more positive energy we can contribute to the collective, creating a brighter world for all. Now is the time to move the world in a more positive direction and we, at Quantum Light Experience, feel that the Lucia can help.

You can change your brain and together we can change the world. Welcome to enLIGHTenment!

Lucia N°03 Light Experience, Quantum Light Experience LLC Intention
Quantum Light Experience LLC is a distributor of the Lucia N°03 Light Technology.