Lucia N°03 Practitioner System

Purchasing A Light System

Quantum Light Experience is an Official USA and worldwide distributor and trainer of the Lucia N°03 Hypnagogic Light Machine

The Lucia N°03 is the first light technology of its kind. Created on 09/09/09, the Lucia N°03 leads the way for hypnagogic light technologies. This is the only light created by doctors, with a patent and various independent scientific studies from international universities. Winner of 4 metals for innovation, the Lucia N°03 continues to improve and inspire.

The materials used to make the Lucia N°03 are locally sourced and of the highest quality from the Tyrol Valley in Austria. Each lamp is individually made by hand with the greatest care and attention to detail. Even the stands are hand polished, one at a time. It is hard work and as a result, all workers are paid a good wage and benefits. Even the software originated in Austria. Jury Loecker, an amazing engineer, designed the software for the lamp. Therefore, the utmost care and attention to detail is taken with each individual lamp. Because the Lucia N°03 is made ethically, you can feel good about joining the Lucia Light community. Learn more about what sets the Lucia N°03 apart here.

Purchase a Lucia N°03 Light
When you buy a Lucia N°03 system the purchase includes
  • A retractable lamp-head with 8 LED lights and 1 halogen light
  • An adjustable lamp-stand made of stainless steel
  • Power supply cord with international plug adapters
  • A Lucia N°03 laptop with an enhanced operating system
Laptop Bag Includes
  • Wireless control via Bluetooth; USB port and cable
  • Lucia N°03 dedicated software
  • Lucia N°03 USB stick
  • Wrench for maintenance
  • Spare halogen bulb
  • Shockproof packaging
  • User manual
Lucia N°03 Light Training

The price includes the obligatory Light Attendant Training, which contains:

  • Theoretical and hands-on experience
  • Help integrating the device into your practice
  • One full day of training via Skype
  • In-person training is available for travel costs
  • Continuing support is offered as needed
  • Materials to use with clients
Lucia Academy

Every Light Attendant has access to Lucia Academy, an online forum to exchange ideas and experiences in the light.

Warranty when you buy a Lucia N°03

Lucia N°03 systems are made to last for decades. So the purchase of the Lucia N°03 system includes a 1 year full factory warranty and a limited warrantee to follow. The Microsoft laptop that comes with the system, contains only the Lucia N°03 software, which is easy to use and access. If any problem occurs, the turnaround time is about 1.5 weeks (including shipping to and from Austria). As your US distributor Quantum Light will assist with any communication around repairs if necessary.

For More Information Regarding The Purchase and Training of The Lucia N°03 Contact Us


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