Lucia N°03 Home Portal System

The newest innovation in meditative light technology. It is smaller, lighter, more portable, and designed for individual use.

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The newest evolution of the patented Lucia Technology

After listening to much feedback from all of you and some brilliance from Jury Loecker, engineer of the Lucia N°03, we are happy to share the Lucia Home Portal. Our intention was to make a device that is more compact and more suited for individual use in a home setting.

Let Jury show you how to operate the Lucia Home Portal in his own words.

The Lucia Home Portal comes equipped with 4 LEDs and one Halogen Bulb with a touch protection guard. There is no laptop because all of the controls are on the device itself. The Lucia Home Portal does still include a bluetooth mouse so you get to choose how you want to work the device.

The actual Lucia Home Portal device comes preprogrammed with over 130 sessions of varying length and intensity. It uses the patented Lucia Light technology that so many have come to know and love. You just click the knob to start the device and to activate the digital display menu. There you select a session and control the brightness as well. Once a session is chosen, click again to begin. The display will show the name of the session, duration, brightness level, and status of the session.

Purchase a Lucia Light Portal
The Lucia Home Portal’s unique stand is telescopic so you can adjust it to an ideal hight.

The unique carbon stand is light weight and very compact. Because it also comes with a pillow, it is perfect for use lying down in a comfortable position. Just choose some relaxing music and a cozy spot, lay down and let go into the light. It also comes with a protective case for easy transport and storage.

The Lucia Home Portal may be smaller, but it is just as powerful as the Lucia N°03. It has the potential for inner and outer journeying as well as deep relaxation. Up to 50 minis can also be paired with the Lucia N°03 for maximum light journeys all synced for a truly shared experience.

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