History and Development

Meet The Inventors of The Lucia Light

Dr. Proeckl and Dr. Winkler, inventors of the Lucia N°03 (history and development) Dr. Proeckl and Dr. Winkler are the inventors of the Lucia N°03, the first light technology of its kind.

On September 9, 2009 Dr. Dirk Proeckl (left) and Dr. Englebert Winkler (right) created the Lucia N°03 in the Tyrol Valley of Austria. After having a near death experience as a child, Dr. Winkler experienced going into the light. Consequently, this influenced the trajectory of his entire life. He became a Psychologist and did much research about the near death experience. Due to “seeing the light” in childhood, he began using a flashlight to create a similar effect, after inducing patients into a hypnotic state. Wanting to expand on this he began developing a stronger light, hoping to create a more powerful, longer lasting experience. He joined up with neurologist and psychologist Dr. Proeckl, who suggested adding a flickering light. After two previous prototypes, the Lucia N°02 being created out of Dr. Winlker’s wife’s beloved espresso machine,The first Lucia Light, history and development

the Lucia N°03 was finalized. The combined flickering and solid light resulted in the desired result and exceeded both doctor’s expectations.

The Exploration of the Lucia N°03 Continues

Since its creation, neither doctor knew its potential as a truly healing innovation. Now they both are constantly expanding on studying just what the light can and already does. Dr. Proeckl is using the Lucia with EEGs and a breathing belt to help patients with anxiety and other neurological issues. Breathing with the light creates a feedback effect with the user that neurologically links a brightening light with a state of calm. Dr. Winkler just finished a study about neural art and how the user of the light is both creator and viewer of their own art. They are both still exploring the potential of such a powerful healing device and are constantly coming up with new insights as to what effect the light has on the user as well as different ways that it can be used.

Truly an innovation, the first of its kind, the Lucia continues to astound light travelers worldwide.

Curious about the science behind the Lucia Light?

History and Development of the Lucia N°03 Lucia N°03 Light is the first hypnogogic light technology.
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