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Lucia N°03 Light Workshops & Events

Our intention at Quantum Light Experience LLC is to open light portals through co-creating mutually beneficial Lucia Light events that span the globe. So we collaborate with curious individuals, healing centers, therapists, sound healers, techies and all who are inspired by the profound potential of the vibrational healing experience.

Lucia N°03 Light and Sound Healing Event

One on One Light Sessions with The Lucia N°03

A typical experience consists of checking in to your current state of mind, body and emotion and settling into the space. Next you will be guided on a short meditation to relax. We then run a couple of screening demos to determine which light session will be the best fit for you. Then once we have found the right session you will be led in some breathing as we begin your light session. When you return from your light travels you will have some time to process and share your experience if you feel called to. These journeys can also be accompanied by a sound bath with singing bowls, planetary gongs, and handpan. 1 hour

Immersive Group Experiences With The Lucia N°03 

Group light immersions provide the opportunity for a shared Lucia Light Experience with 2 to 6 participants per lamp. Take ahold of the light travelers hand next to you and breathe into infinity. Frequencies of light entrain brainwaves and biorhythms begin to sync as the light travelers melt into the light. These experiences are almost always accompanied by a sound bath with crystal singing bowls, planetary gongs and handpan. This immersive sea of sound and light frequencies is constructed entirely on the spot to create an experience that is both unique and experimental each time. 1 hour

The Lucia at a Float Spa

The Lucia Light Experience and sensory deprivation compliment each other seamlessly. We have partnered with float center across the country to create mutually beneficial events. Having a light session before a float helps to relax and destress the mind and body. This makes for a more visual and deep experience in the float tank as the light travelers brainwaves are already entrained to a more meditative state. Floating prior to a light session helps to relax the mind and body and sets the light travelers up to go even deeper during their light session. This helps them to transcend any physical discomfort and drop into a very deep state of meditation. This potent combination makes way for refreshment on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Cacao and Light Journeys

Cacao has been used for thousands of years by the Aztec and Mayan cultures as a a traditional ceremonial healing tool. Referred to by some as “the food of the shift” cacao helps us to reconnect with ourselves and facilitates a deep sense of ease, emotional release, euphoria, and creativity. Drink a cup of delicious pure organic chocolate and allow yourself to be reunited with the heart with help from the cacao spirit. Unlike many ceremonial plant teachers cacao is gentle and will not cause hallucinations and extreme experiences. Instead it gently opens us up to ourselves and the unique magic that already lies inside. Set an intention and prepare for a profound yet gentle journey within as you bathe in healing frequencies of light and sound. 3 hours

Because the Lucia Light has such a wide range of benefits it lends itself well to a wide variety of Lucia Light events. We have had many great results with individuals under the light as well as group events where as many as five light travelers have experienced the light simultaneously. Let us know what you envision and we can work together to make it happen.

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