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Recent Studies with The Lucia N°03:

INTO THE LIGHT, Creativity through Psychedelic Light Travel

Students of varying disciplines at the School of Design in Munich experienced the Lucia N°03 as a way to gain inspiration for projects. Since using the Lucia N°03 is a way to alter thinking, it can lead to problem solving in creative ways. At the end of this study you can explore the results of the experiment through the set work of the students themselves.

EEG Functional Connectivity and Phenomenology of Induced Dissociative States

The University of Sussex used the Lucia N°03 in their research as a means to further study dissociative states and how they are induced. So a goal of this research was to look for characteristics in brain functionality to better understand these dissociative states.

EEG Signal Diversity Increases during Stroboscopic-Induced Altered State of Consciousness

Presenting author Dr. David Schwartzman and other researchers studied EEGs of those experiencing the Lucia N°03. They found that the effects of the Lucia created an increased range and intensity of experiences for individuals. Seeing that this diversity is beyond that of wakefulness, they found that it is actually similar to pharmacologically induced states which often include various states of consciousness.

Psychedelic Therapy with Lucia N°03

Engelbert Winkler shares his experience using the Lucia N°03 in conjunction with family therapy. Because the use of psychedelics can be unpredictable and a risk for some, Dr. Winkler uses the Lucia to induce a similar state of greater consciousness with clients to help them think more flexibly. He also includes a questionnaire at the end to help people integrate their experiences. Scroll down to find the English translation.


Healing potential by changed states of consciousness & Lucia N°03

Dr. Winkler and Dr. Proeckl’s life long research of consciousness has culminated in their creation of the Lucia N°03. Explore the potential of an altered state of consciousness and how many areas of one’s life it can positively impact.

Studies in regard to Lucia N°03’s Mode of Action

This article (English version on the second page) briefly explores the implications of the Lucia N°03 in regards to various untreated psychological disorders.

Meditation Experience with the Lucia N°03

Read about an experienced meditator’s transformational journeys with the Lucia N°03.

Articles about the Lucia N°03 and Altered States:

*Although there are those that compare the Lucia N°03 to psychedelic experiences, there are many other ways to explore the light’s healing potential. The Lucia Light Experience goes far beyond simply the exploration of consciousness. The benefits range from relief from trauma, stress and anxiety, to that of the spiritual experience, and more that we have yet to discover. No two journeys into the light are the same and each light traveler will take from their experience exactly what is needed at that juncture.

I Don’t Need Drugs, I’m High on Light, Baby

Vice’s Kevin Holmes wrote an article about one man’s journey with the Lucia N°03. Warning, the language is a bit crass as it is from Vice, but the portrayal of the experience is real.

How people are getting high on light

This article published on Dazed delves into the Lucia N°03 Light Experience and its origin. Learn more about Dr. Winkler’s near death experience and inspiration for the Lucia. Read about Dr. Proeckl’s light experiences in his own words.

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