Quantum Light Experience

We are ambassadors, distributors, and trainers for the Lucia N°03 Light machine. We decided to name this business Quantum Light Experience LLC for many reasons. To begin, we would love to share a bit more about the name. Because a photon is a single quantum of light, it is a “light quantum” or a light particle. If a quantum photon is the elementary particle of light then there are trillions of quanta moving around us and even through us at all times.

Part of the fundamental framework for understanding and describing nature is quantization of energy and its influence on how energy and matter interact. So everything is connected on a quantum level. The Lucia N°03 uses a range of these quanta to activate our light bodies. This allows us to get in touch with our true nature. Even a discreet amount of light shows us that we are connected with all of creation.

Zachary Noel

Lucia N°03 Light Distributor

Zachary has been traveling the world for the last four years offering light sessions as a Lucia N°03 Light Ambassador and trainer. He holds both Reiki Practitioner and Vortex Energy Healing certifications. He combines these modalities with live sound using gongs, singing bowls and instruments from around the world. 

Angela Borge

Lucia N°03 Light Ambassador with Quantum Light Experience

Angela is a certified herbalist and Reiki Practitioner with a BA in social work. More recently she has been traveling the world with the Lucia N°03 Light Experience. She combines her background in social work with her intuitive approach to healing to create a safe container for healing and transformation.