Happy New Year

We are so excited to begin 2019 with a fresh start. With a new business comes lots of new responsibilities. Some are challenging, but most are rewarding. Now that we have a strong foundation we feel refreshed and excited to open a doorway to healing for all who wish to step through it. 

We have chosen some intentions that we feel will help us to stay grounded and on the path that we have set out for ourselves. It can be easy to get caught up in the fast paced flow of society and overwhelmed with the work side of running a business. However each time we see a light traveler open their eyes from a session and express their inner peace and joy we cannot help but remember why we are doing what we are. It gives us great joy to see people doing their work and feeling so at ease in the process. 

Because the Lucia N°03 light experience is such an amazing tool for transformation, we believe that starting the year with this business can only help others to reach their goals as well. Whether your New Year’s resolution or intention is to learn to relax, release stagnant energy or to transcend the bonds of this reality, the Lucia N°03 can be a major help. As Lucia N°03 practitioners, we do not direct your healing process. Rather we keep you safe while stepping back and opening a doorway to self that you can choose whether or not to step through. For those who choose it there is so much inner healing, evolution, and exploration that can be done with this profound light technology. 

First Intention

Therefore, our first intention this year is to reach as many people, with the Lucia Light Experience, as we can. We will bring it to healing centers and individuals throughout the United States, and hopefully the global. This journey will start closer to home in the Bay Area, Marin, and Napa Counties. A trip to the east coast is also in the works. We are very open to sharing the Lucia N°03 wherever the light takes us. If you would like to experience the light please reach us here.

Lucia N°03 Adventure
We’ve got everything we need to begin our Light Journey

Second Intention

Although we do love to travel, there is something so comforting about being at home. For this reason we intend to be more present in the Bay and surrounding areas. Our goal is to set up more reoccurring events in the form of one on one light sessions, cacao and light ceremonies, art and light events, sound and light healings, and any other collaborative events that we can create. Again, if you feel inspired to collaborate or attend an event, please contact us. We are open to suggestions and would love to start a conversation about how to best help those in our area.

Lucia Light Experience Adventures
Home is where the heart is.

Third Intention

Not only are we planning on going out into the world with the Lucia Light Experience, but we also need to take some more time outdoors. We intend on appreciating the beauty that surrounds us no matter where we are. Whether it be sunny beaches, magical redwood groves, snowy mountains or mystical deserts we intend to be present with the wisdom that is imparted by every facet of our Mother Earth’s being this year.  

Lucia Light Experience and nature
Appreciating the snowflakes on one of our many journeys.

Your Intentions

If we can help you with any of your New Year’s Intentions please let us know. We will be returning to the SF Bay Area in the beginning of January with the intention to be of service to our fellow humans in any way that we can!

With Care,

Angela and Zachary 

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