The Lucia N°03 Home Portal is Finally Here!

Quantum Light Experience is so excited to announce that the Lucia Home Portal is finally available to everyone! It has been over a year in the making and that means over a year of not being able to share it with anyone. We were practically bursting at the seems not being able to share our excitement with the world! Now we can finally tell you all about it.

Innsbruck Train Station, Lucia Home Portal Headquarters
Innsbruck, AU train station, where the journey began.

Tyrol, Austria

Both of us at Quantum Light Experience were super fortunate to go to Austria in April. There we saw the prototype for the new light and explored the origins of the Lucia N°03. There we met up and stayed with Sigrid the CEO of Light Attendance in Innsbruck, Austria. She was so hospitable and very helpful throughout our time with her. Getting a peak at the Austrian Lucia company through her eyes was very enlightening. Together we had meetings and casual conversations. We cooked and ate together. We were even lucky enough to meet her very talented daughter Ruth who takes many of the beautiful pictures of the Lucia Lights.

The Austrian Team

Sigrid took us to the main office where we met Martin, who does public relations for the Lucia N°03 and had just gotten back from bringing the first Lucia N°03 to Japan. He was very excited about his travels and shared tales of unusual cafes and beautiful scenery.

We also spent some time with Englebert Winkler, while he was between travels. He was on his was to Geneva for a workshop with the Lucia, but stopped in for a short chat about the amazing work that he is doing. Dirk Proeckl on the other hand, we spent even more time with. We went to Dirk’s private practice and got a peek at what he is doing with the Lucia N°03. He was such an inspiration to talk to and we learned so much about the origins of the Lucia and how its potential is constantly expanding. Not only did we see his medical office, but we also stayed with him. He showed us the beautiful surroundings of Kufstein, Austria through gorgeous hikes. He even found some vegetarian restaurants for us to eat at, a rarity in Austria.

While there, we even lucked out and got to meet with Jury Loecker, the brilliant engineer of the Lucia N°03 and the Lucia Home Portal. Although he is very camera shy he let us interview him on film talking about his newest invention, the Lucia Home Portal. You can check out one of those videos here. We think he did a wonderful job, what do you think?

While in Austria we felt so welcomed and blessed. The Austrian team are so kind and endlessly interesting. To find out more about what the Austrian team is doing with the light technology check out their website.

Lucia Home Portal, Kufstein
Kufstein, Austria


While we were in Austria we made sure to appreciate every bit of it. The two of us went on some amazing hikes and were so in awe of the Alps that surrounded us. We ate the local pretzel bread and plenty of cheese. We sampled the “regular” sized beers, too much delicious coffee, and ate so much that we came back to the states still full from the amazing Austrian food. One evening after exploring all day we got caught in the rain and had to find our way home. Of course we took countless train rides, which is a very convenient mode of transportation in Europe. And could not get enough of the mountains and rivers and cannot wait to go back some day.

Lucia Home Portal

Anyway, back to the mini light, now known as the Lucia Home Portal. It didn’t even have a name yet! When we got to Austria there was still plenty of work to be done and we were so lucky to be able to take some pictures and videos (all top secret) of the new devise. We’ve been holding on to these for months and now is the time to share! You can see some clips of those videos on our Instagram and Facebook.

Lucia Home Portal Headquarters
The Official Lucia N°03 Headquarters in Innsbruck Austria

We did get some sneak peeks and of course we had to try it! We were able to get in some short sessions in kind of the perfect place. The main office in Innsbruck also has an art gallery attached where they show local art and promote local artists. It’s a beautiful space and we had just a few minutes to experience the Lucia Home Portal so we did! This little mini may be small, but it is powerful. The experience was very similar to the big Lucia N°03 except for the user is in control. The Lucia Home Portal is compact and everything is included in the light itself. It all felt very personal and very special.

We cannot wait for more people to try this amazing piece of technology!

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